On March 17th, Pleasanton City Council decided not to prioritize planning for the 320-acre Steelwave site in East Pleasanton. As a result, this plan and its $120 million of infrastructure improvements and community amenities will not be implemented.

Project Vision

Our vision is to transform underutilized industrial land into a vibrant, mixed-use lakeside community.

A old quarry site, industrial land

Current Site

Quarry/Industrial Site
that’s been planned for redevelopment
for over 10 years

A Rendering of East Pleasanton

Our Vision

69% Open Space
with access to lakes, parks, and trails

Project Plan

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Please note, positioning and scale are approximate


Connections are important. Whether we’re linking roads, bringing people closer to lakes and nature, or incorporating architectural ties to what’s already established in Pleasanton, we want to be sure that the community we’re building is a seamless extension of the existing community.

Jogging trail
East Pleasanton Connections

Connections start with infrastructure, which is why the plan includes over $68 million in transportation infrastructure. Connections to BART, ACE and Downtown Pleasanton can be accessed within a 10-minute walk of every home. A network of complete streets and trails will foster movement and allow pedestrians and cyclists to commute alongside vehicular traffic in a safe, enjoyable environment.

+ Extension of El Charro Road connecting Stoneridge to Stanley
+ Completion of the Iron Horse Trail
+ 12 Miles of project-funded multi-use trails surrounding the Chain of Lakes providing spectacular views
+ Better walkability & complete streets with bike lanes
+ Lakeside path connections to existing communities
+ Residences will be within a 2 ½ minute walk of a park

Amenities & Community

Our plan improves upon on years of planning efforts by the City and the community by providing significant public amenities and benefits, while actually reducing the amount and intensity of development originally envisioned. Lower density, diverse housing options and over 700 acres of open space create the framework for an active, thriving community.

Lakeside Recreation in East Pleasanton
Low Density Housing in East Pleasanton
+ Lakeside Access and Recreation
+ Lakefront Destination Restaurant Sites
+ Over 700 Acres of Preserved and Enhanced Open Space and Lakeside Habitat for Recreation and Education
+ Sports Fields and Other Active Recreation Areas
+ Wi-Fi Connected Public Spaces
+ Pier & Dock Area for Small Recreation Boats
+ Community Parks

What I see for the future of the East side is El Charro going through lovely housing and parks. The Chain of Lakes is going to have so much recreation for people … It’s going to be a beautiful addition.”

Jan Batchellor
Pleasanton Resident since 1974

Cope Lake, could figure into some recreational opportunities. I’d like to see it be an amenity for the community to go out and enjoy.”

Scott Raty
Pleasanton Resident since 1977


The whole concept here is to create a functional and aesthetic landscape so that every drop of rain water that drops on this site is taken into account, filtered through natural systems, and then redirected, which is critical to maintaining this water source.


The new water efficiencies and additional recycled water infrastructure, combined with our commitment to solar energy and the comprehensive mixed-use nature of the overall development promotes efficiency and sustainability.

With some of the programs and policies and physical design strategies, we can come up with a Net Zero water use on this site. Not only would we use greywater recycling and drought-tolerant landscape, we would provide resources to people already in Pleasanton to replace their toilets and compensate them for that. We can save an enormous amount of water by doing that. In effect, every new home that gets built, will replace old toilets in the process. We can come up Net Zero. Net Zero! Not, ‘not much new’ but NO new water use.”

Neal Payton

+ Advanced Water Efficiencies & City-wide Fixture Replacement Program
+ New homes use 50% less water
+ Additional recycled water infrastructure
+ Over $4M in Environmental Cleanup on existing land

Built in Phases

Adhering to existing growth requirements, this project will provide sensitive development respecting the current proposed Urban Growth Boundary


+ Thoughtful Phased Project
+ Self-Funding All Infrastructure



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