The City of Planned Progress

Thanks for taking a look at our aspirations for East Pleasanton. We hope it gives you an idea of what East Pleasanton can be and what everyone has been thinking about as the project has come along. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or just plain good ideas.

A Sign in Downtown Pleasanton

The Site Today

The land is currently zoned primarily for heavy industrial use with some agriculture and residential zones. But rather than build a potentially water-intensive industrial facility, we think Pleasanton deserves better. We want to create, with your help, a beautiful, functional, complementary extension of the existing Pleasanton community.

A former industrial/quarry siteCurrent Industrial Area and Vacant Land,
East Pleasanton

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Project boundary is approximate.
Find on Google Maps:
 3000 Busch Road

Community Driven

A task force made of community members and landowners was appointed by the City in 2012 to work on an East Side specific plan when the city was rushing to meet new state-required housing demands. Now, we think it’s a great time to build upon their great work.

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Pleasanton is the  ‘City of Planned Progress.’  We don’t make important decisions without careful consideration. We seek broad input. We look at long-term implications and short-term impacts. Planning properly is finding the sweet spot between a community’s current wants and needs balanced against future projected ones. Add to this the fact that as one of 482 incorporated cities in California, we are obligated (like it or not) to participate in the state’s overall planning process, and you start to understand the challenges we face and the importance of getting it right.” 
Mayor Jerry Thorne

Your Concerns

We don’t make important decisions without careful consideration, which is why we’ve been talking with residents and city council since 2012. Here are some common questions and concerns we’ve heard (click to expand):

We get it. You don’t want to grow rapidly like some of your neighboring cities. This is why we’ve restricted our development plans to single-family residences within the city’s Growth Management Ordinance. The development will be built in phases over 10-15 years to gradually allow for more friends and loved ones to stay in the community.

Within Pleasanton’s labor force is a concentration of early career workers between 25-34 years old who are important for a company’s workforce recruitment and retention strategies. However, very few housing options are within reach of this demographic, which could be why this segment of Pleasanton’s population is shrinking. Without some improvements in this area, the local economy will be threatened as young talent moves elsewhere.

Downtown Pleasanton represents the heart of the city. We understand there is a deep-rooted desire to support these local businesses; however, we have also heard from the business owners that downtown rent is not cheap and there is concern about remaining profitable. Putting residents within a mile of their businesses will only complement and strengthen the existing downtown core. The plan provides for great economic opportunity for downtown Pleasanton businesses owners, which in turns supports a healthy economic future for the City.

In addition to the land allotted for a new elementary school, this project will generate millions in school fees to improve schools city-wide.

Based on our initial traffic and density studies, much of the existing congestion is due to cut-through traffic. Our plans will actually reduce this through the construction of El Charro Road connecting Stoneridge to Busch, reducing current congestion on Santa Rita Road. Additionally, the development will include “Complete Streets” to improve safety and encourage biking and walking, and new neighborhood street grids will better disperse all traffic.

Most importantly, the plan we’ve developed since the specific plan has lower densities and less intensive uses and significantly reduces traffic impacts (while keeping all the infrastructure improvement obligations!)

Pleasanton currently is lopsidedly jobs rich, meaning there are approximately 2 jobs for every household. This imbalance requires many people to commute from other towns, adding to highway congestion and air pollution. Our plan moves to restore the balance, which in turn better distributes traffic. Additionally, the residents of the new development will be able to access the highway without cutting through downtown Pleasanton, and will also be close enough to downtown to be able to make use of the complete streets to walk or bike downtown.

Us too. Which is why we’ve spent three years and over $4 million on environmental cleanup. We are committed to doing this the right way. If you’d like a copy of the Environmental Impact Report that was published in connection with the site, please contact us.

Water is a long-term issue, which is why we’ve taken steps to reduce overall water usage. In fact, when the project is complete, we will actually have a positive net impact on Pleasanton’s existing water demand. This is in part due to:

  • Our fixture replacement program
  • New homes use 50% less water than traditional homes
  • Construction of additional recycled water infrastructure.

Our Team

Established in 1968 as a division of Lincoln Property Company, Steelwave (formerly Legacy Partners) is a leading vertically integrated real estate investment manager, owner and operator, with a comprehensive portfolio of commercial and residential assets in the western United States. With an extensive background and a stable, committed team who live, work and specialize in our core markets, Legacy provides its investors, partners, tenants and residents with the depth of experience, speed of execution and transparency that creates superior value. With over $5 billion in assets managed, including 15,600 residential units and over 13 million square feet of commercial property (over xx% of which is in the Northern California market), Legacy’s proven track record and depth of residential and commercial experience sets it apart as an innovative and experienced market leader.

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Carducci & Associates, Inc., founded in 1976, is a professional landscape architecture and planning firm in San Francisco serving public sector, educational, athletic, institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout California in the areas of landscape architecture, planning, urban design, irrigation, and water management.

Kier & Wright Civil Engineers & Surveyors, Inc. has provided comprehensive civil engineering and land surveying services to both public and private sector clients since 1972. Civil engineering services include land planning, street and highway design, municipal consultation, utility engineering, and the preparation of civil engineering plans for residential, commercial and industrial site developments. Land surveying services include ALTA surveys, boundary and topographic surveys, subdivision mapping, monitoring surveys and construction staking. Kier & Wright has offices located in the cities of Santa Clara and Livermore.

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